Advertising in LIFE Magazines

The return from advertising is impossible to predict, so we minimise the risk by delivering adverts to the widest area at the lowest possible cost.

We currently publish six LIFE Magazines across North Essex. Extremely competitive rates are available for advertising in just one of the magazines or, in 2 or more of the six magazines.

LIFE Magazines are community-led and contain information about local activities, clubs, good causes and other information etc. relevant to their local community.


In addition the Regional LIFE pages, which occupy the centre pages of all eight magazines, feature regional news and stories plus the popular ‘Find Ed’ competition, animal adoption page, FREE ‘For Sale’ listing and Services Section. This is the perfect place to advertise if you want to reach a wider audience, covering all eight areas.

We will always strive to provide an advertising package to meet your budget and also offer a FREE advert design service to those who need it.

Leaflet delivery can also be arranged across the whole distribution area.

1,000 – 3,000 Leaflets @ £45 + VAT Per 1,000

3000 and above reduces the cost to £35 + VAT per 1,000

Please call us now on 01206 386666 to discuss your needs further.