Issue In House Deadline Publication Date
January 18th December 12th January
February 22nd January 9th February
March 19th February 8th March
April 18th March 5th April
May 22nd April 10th May
June 20th May 7th June
July 17th June 5th July
August 15th July 2nd August
September 19th August 6th September
October 16th September 4th October
November 21st October 8th November
December 18th November 6th December
January 16th December 10th January ’23

It’s important that we receive your instruction¬†by the deadlines specified, which allow sufficient time for the preparation and approval of your advert plus all final proofing, checks and outputting. Please email clear instructions to us.

NB: Deadlines are subject to change.